Guide to CBD

Life In Balance: Key to restore balance is sleep, eat, relax & forget

  • You need daily meditation, yoga or other type of exercise to stretch the muscles in your body
  • You need to detoxify your body by removing toxic chemicals
  • Eat only organic with a minimum of 50% raw food
  • Stop using any chemical/cosmetics and drugs
  • Stop eating processed food
  • Make sure you get your daily vitamins and minerals
  • Eat hemp: cannabinoids will stimulate your own endocannabinoid system and help you to restore balance
  • Make sure you never listen to the media to define your believes and thoughts
  • Do your own research and remember you need to change your life radically in order to heal yourself. If you are struggling with severe health problems, change your environment immediately by going to a place away from a stress, where there is sun and access to fresh fruit and vegetables.
  • And more than anything: Sleep, Eat, Relax, Forget.

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