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About the Brand

Breaking down the groundbreaking approach. Introducing Therabis. Whole-plant hemp oil pet care. Therabis offers easy-to-use daily supplements for your pets in three specific formulations, Stop the Itch, Calm and Quiet, and Up & Moving—all powered by their proprietary hemp cannabinoid blend.

“And we want to help foster that love for years to come. Which is why we’ve developed natural supplements that help your pet live as happily and comfortably as possible. Backed by 25 years of veterinary expertise and powered by whole-plant hemp oil, our products are designed to address the specific areas that challenge your pet. Therabis’ founder, veterinary expert, Dr. Stephen M. Katz, has spent a lifetime researching, developing and perfecting our natural formulations, resulting in unparalleled and specific products. So you can feel confident knowing that you’re providing your pet with reliable relief delivered through natural ingredients.” -An interview with Dr. Katz, Veterinary Expert & Therabis Founder

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