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About the Brand

PlusCBD Oil believes that the future of hemp is unlimited. They are pioneering the CBD evolution by using innovative and responsible science. PlusCBD Oil is committed to using CBD to enhance the prosperity and well being of their customers, employees, and communities.

PlusCBD Oil provides hemp supplements that contain CBD, also known as cannabidiol. CBD Supplements are not intended to cure or treat any specific conditions, yet they are becoming more recognized in the medical community as key supplements to maintain a healthy lifestyle. PlusCBD Oil products are infused with CBD derived from agricultural hemp. Hemp is rich in essential nutrients, non psychotoxic, and eco friendly.

Hemp has excellent nutritional value, and contains important fatty acids. There is also further scientific research that supports consumption of hemp oil for general well being. Agricultural hemp provides healthy benefits without the ‘high’ effect. Hemp is not only fast growing and renewable, the entire plant also has uses. Food, fiber, building materials, and fuel are a few ways hemp can be utilized. Hemp also captures CO2 and does not need herbicides to survive. It also enhances the soil it is grown in. PlusCBD Oil products guarantee full traceability from Seed to Shelf. Their products are rigorously tested to ensure the highest quality and consistency.

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