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About the Brand

BioCBD+ believes that the heart and soul of a product is a direct result of the team behind it. At BioCBD+, they are passionate and dedicated to fulfilling our mission of providing the world with an all natural and 100% bioavailable source of CBD plus Ayurvedic herb products, free of any solvents or contaminants.

They are a small team of committed experts, passionate about the life-changing possibilities of CBD. Located in the small beach town of Encinitas, CA, BioCBD+ strives to be different from bigger CBD companies, who are often owned by corporations that are publicly traded and motivated by their profit margins.

The entire team has many years of experience working in the all natural supplement industry, and they have never seen anything with as many amazing benefits as cannabidiol (CBD). Couple it with turmeric, the most widely studied phytonutrient on the planet due to its many medicinal properties, and you have a powerhouse combination that is unrivaled in the industry and in medicine in general.

Every member of their team has worked for other CBD companies and tried different products containing CBD. Like many of you, BioCBD+ has come across products that don’t work and companies that don’t care. Partly due to this, they came together to build a better, integrity centered company that is more focused on changing the lives of people around the world more than just making money. They measure success by their positive impact, not by the size of their profit margin.

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